Through our innovative technologies we are able to preserve the near full nutritional potency of earth’s most beneficial foods and probiotics. Our formulations are intentionally crafted to easily integrate into your life for maximized results that accumulate over time.


Superior benefits through whole-food ingestibles and liquid probiotics.

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Organic & Pure

Pristine organic and native growth environments infuse our ingredients with life force and potency.  

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Fresh freeze drying and cold processing preserve the full spectrum of precious phytonutrients and improve the bio-availability and assimilation of ingredients.


Proven Efficacy

Ingredients validated as safe and highly beneficial by generations of traditional therapeutic use and modern scientific study.


Sustained Benefits

Fortifying the body’s immunity, stress response and microbiome through the cumulative effect of potent adaptogenic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-oxidant ingredients and probiotics.


Sustain your vitality

STAMBA DAILY encapsulated blend. $65

nurture your radiance

STAMBA REPLENISH liquid probiotic. From $45

Unlock your stamina

STAMBA PERFORM powder blend. $85

enjoy your journey

STAMBA TRAVEL encapsulated blend. $45