We create the
highest quality blends of Earth's most beneficial
plant foods to deliver an
experience of the
rejuvenating power of Nature.


  Asa Siegel , Founder of STAMBA Certified Holistic Nutrition Counselor

Asa Siegel, Founder of STAMBA
Certified Holistic Nutrition Counselor


One of the things I am most grateful to my parents for is exposing me to Nature as a child.

Growing up in Northern
California, I helped care for our organic gardens and was deeply nourished by eating the fresh berries, fruits and vegetables that we grew. I experienced their benefits in my entire being.

In my early twenties, I encountered some significant health ailments. Painful digestive and prostate issues, mood swings and depleted energy levels were seriously affecting my ability to enjoy life.

I embarked on a journey that led me to try every nutritional healing modality I could find. Most of them required a great deal of time and engagement to be impactful, and I yearned for a simpler solution. And although I experimented with isolated food-based and synthetic supplements, I discovered that traditionally revered wholefoods were giving me most benefit.

After years of subsequent study, research, development and testing, STAMBA DAILY was born – bringing together a selection of Earth's most beneficial whole foods into a single organic supplement that was effective and easy to incorporate into my busy lifestyle.

Today, I am stronger, more vital and alive than ever before. My healing journey has become complete through incorporating STAMBA into my daily health routine, and I am grateful to now have the opportunity to support you in experiencing your best and enjoying life to the fullest.


Living Consciously,


What is the force that gives trees the strength to endure the harshness of winter, then foliate, blossom and flower come spring?

What is the power held
within Earth's soil that
germinates seeds and
nourishes them to burst
forth into flourishing plants that nurture the environment and living beings?


STAMBA stands at the
frontier of a new paradigm
of nutrition, based on the
holistic philosophy of
complexity theory and
advances in food science,
revealing the
health promoting power
of whole food synergy.


Unlike fleeting experiences
derived from synthetic,
artificial, and isolated sources, the experience of STAMBA stamina is rooted in the life-giving,
certified organic,
and sustainable
harvesting environments
from which our blends are born.