Advanced Adaptogenic
Superfood Powder Blend

formulated to support Vigor and Endurance

1.1 LBS Powder




Hormonal balance

Reduced Recovery Time

Reduced Inflammation


There are a multiplicity of nutritional factors that play a role in your body achieving peak performance. STAMBA PERFORM brings together an unparalleled blend of true superfoods to satiate the complexity of your body's needs. The meticulous selection and combination of potent organics unlock superior body response, increasing beneficial activity exponentially.

Small batch blending, uncompromising quality. Experience the difference in your life performance.


Serving Suggestion:

Blend 2 tablespoons (or more) with your favorite milk, water or coconut water. PERFORM is a perfect start to a vibrant day as well as before or after exercise. For additional protein, blend PERFORM with nut butters or serve with yogurt.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How is PERFORM different from a protein powder?

A. To begin, one might ask, what is "protein powder". For comparative reference, imagine taking "fat powder" or "carbohydrate powder", funny right? Yet when it comes to protein, the current trend is to believe more is better. While consuming adequate protein is an essential part of our diets (as is healthy carbohydrates and fats), most protein powders overload our systems with abnormally high quantities of protein from processed sources that our bodies don’t properly absorb or assimilate. PERFORM provides a plethora of certified organic true superfoods that work synergistically to nourish your body's key vital systems. You won’t find any "protein powder" that provides the complexity of nourishment that PERFORM provides. If you are seeking more protein than the 3 grams of whole-food protein that a serving of PERFORM provides, simply blend with soy or nut milk, and add nut butter to your smoothie. Or try PERFORM with yogurt for a great power meal or snack.

Q. How is PERFORM different from a “greens” powder?

A. Greens powders are exactly that: a powder from one or more sources of green foods. In taking powdered greens, you are gaining benefit from the specific ingredients in the powder (assuming they are organically harvested and dried with integrity). In PERFORM, you experience benefit from certified organic adaptogenic roots, medicinal mushrooms, rainforest berries and tropical fruits – all working in perfect harmony with one another to expand their beneficial impact in your life performance. Greens on their own have select benefits for specific aspects of well-being. These benefits differ in scope and cannot be compared to the complexity of beneficial activity found in PERFORM.

I have a client who says it’s helping him recover from chemo!
— Boketto Wellness