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The secret weapon for morning smoothies... packaged in a cork-topped jar, it makes a handsome addition to the pantry, too.
— Vogue Magazine

Not only does STAMBA look good in its reusable violet glass bottle and wooden cap...STAMBA takes the wholefood multivitamin concept to a whole new level.
— Named #1 out of 10 Natural Brands to Watch

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I’d like to see a declaration of synthetic vs. natural materials in supplements. Consumers still don’t fully understand that vitamins and minerals that are not derived from nature are not natural.
— Interview for Nutrition Business Journal

Developed with a holistic approach to your body’s health, it’s also a good way to boost your immune system.
— Wellness Magazine
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Further considering innovative approaches to holistic business, Asa Siegel, founder of STAMBA, highlighted the role of nutrition as a preventive medicine, using advances in food science to promote health through whole-food synergy.
— European Spa

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