We Source All of Our Ingredients from Pristine Environments Worldwide


We partner with farms and organizations committed to sustainability and fair-trade practices. We source from native growing environments where our ingredients have been grown traditionally for generations.

We choose not to source any ingredients from China due to questionable quality assurance standards and agricultural business practices perpetuated by many companies in the nation.

Here are a few of the places our ingredients come from:

North Shore of Kaui

Tropical Rainforest of Chile

The Pacific Northwestern United States

Ancient Farmlands of Peru

Lush Growing Fields of Thailand


We bottle Earth's most beneficial ingredients in violet glass - the best for nutrient preservation.


Our wooden caps are made from sustainably harvested maple trees.


Our bottles are designed for re-use.

Subscription plans are the best way to reduce packaging waste.


A portion of proceeds go to support the uplifting work of our philanthropic partners.


The Pachamama alliance

prasad project

cambodian children’s fund