“I suffer from Chronic Lyme disease, and I truly believe that the Stamba has helped my immune system, and
given me needed energy to work…”

— Mike


“This is an awesome super food. My husband has tried
several and this is the
absolute best. I order several bottles every time…”

— Karan


“Finally! Something I can swallow. Excellent group of anti-oxidants. Great for chronic fatigue-like problems. I'm having a few of my patients try this for supplementation for fibromyalgia, too.”

— Anne


“So thrilled to find a product that has all of the super-foods and more that I want, all in one bottle! Thank you for saving me time and money from trying to round up these ingredients on my own and for helping me to be super-mom!!”

— Celena


"I love your travel product. I have a history of always getting stomach issues when traveling , but these really seem to help, and with fighting off plane ickies as well."

- Patricia