Advanced Adaptogenic
Superfood Blend

formulated to support Core Defenses During TRAVEL

48 Convenient Vegan Capsules








Enjoy the Journey

When traveling, whether for vacation or business; to discover or deliver on a deadline - we all want to be at our best. But times of travel can be the most taxing on our bodies: being exposed to environmental stresses and toxins, flight fatigue and other factors that may lower our defenses and negatively impact our vitality. TRAVEL is designed to address the key area of nutritional support your body needs to thrive away from home.

Say hello to your new favorite travel companion.


Serving Suggestion:

Take 4 – 6 capsules daily during your trip. You may wish to take 6 capsules on days of travel and the first day or two following. You may wish to take all capsules in the morning just before breakfast, or take half the amount of capsules in the morning and the other half in the afternoon between or with meals or a snack. For night activities, take 4-6 capsules prior to, and the morning after.


Synergistic Spotlights:

Freeze-dried Hawaiian Ginger and Plant Enzymes combine to aid digestion and help ease motion sickness.

Maca root and Cordyceps join forces to ease jetlag and support adaptation & vitality in new environments.

Raw Cacao and Camu Camu come together to support the journey in being joyful.*


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is it ok to keep taking TRAVEL after my trip?

A. TRAVEL is composed of organic whole-foods and plant enzymes and is perfectly safe and beneficial to be taken after the conclusion of travel. For extended daily supplementation, we recommend incorporating STAMBA DAILY into your health regimen.